Activity - Spelling Name with Cars

Best Mom Spelling Game

Recommended Age:

2 years and up

Materials Needed:

·         Post-it notes

·         Tape

·         Marker

·         Stickers to write on

·         Number of cars in your child’s name


Write out your child’s name on post-it notes—one letter per post-it.  Then lay the post-it notes down on the floor.  In between each post-it note place a piece of tape.  It should look like a parking lot.  Then write out your child’s name on the stickers—one letter per sticker.  Place a sticker on each car.  Ask your child to park the cars in the correct parking spot.  The letters need to match up.  To help your child learn how to spell their name I would ask them to match the cars up in the correct order.  Once the cars are all parked, spell the name together and read the name together.