Hamilton Beach Food Steamer

Best Mom Food Steamer

I'm nominating the Hamilton Beach Food Steamer as a Best Mom idea for the kitchen.

Why the Food Steamer?

The food steamer is a great purchase especially if you are considering making your own baby food.  It has two tiers, so you can steam two different items at one time--big time saver!  All you have to do is fill the base with water, throw in your food, and set the timer.  I use it a majority of the time to make baby food.  I like that it has the rice steam tray included.  When I'm steaming two items I put the fruit or veggie in the rice steam tray and place it in the top tier so that the juices don't fall onto the fruit or veggie in the bottom tier.


The cost of the Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer is $40 on Amazon.  It has a 4.3 star rating with over 1700 reviews. 

Is the Food Steamer worth the money?

I believe it is worth the money if you plan to make your own baby food or are an on the go mom and need a quick way to make dinner.  It has saved me a lot of time with baby food prep.  I just place the fresh vegetables or fruit in each tier, set the timer, and go do a couple chores while the food cooks.  Once the timer goes off, I stick the food in the Vitamix Blender, blend it, and scoop it into ice cube trays and let it freeze.


The Food Steamer is a beneficial tool when it comes to making baby food.  It is also an easy way to prepare a whole meal for busy moms!

For more pictures and details on what the steamer can do, read more on Amazon.