Activity - Pom Pom Shooter

Best Mom Activity

Recommended Age:

2 years and up

Materials Needed:

·         Solo cups (any kind will work)

·         Scissors

·         Balloons

·         Tape

·         Pom Poms


To assemble the Pom Pom Shooter you will need to cut off the bottom of the cup.  Then you will need to tie a knot in the end of the balloon—like you just blew it up.  Next, cut about ½ inch of the balloon top off.  Place the cup down on a flat surface so that the cut off end is facing you.  Then stretch the balloon over the cup so that it is covering the cut off side and let it go.  Once the balloon is covering the cup, cover the edges with tape so that it will not pop off.  Now you can stick a Pom Pom in the cup, pull the balloon knot down, let it go, and watch the Pom Pom fly!

Ways to make this activity educational:

This activity does already require some gross motor skills since your child will need to coordinate one hand to hold the cup while the other hand pulls the “trigger.”  However, if you want to make it a little more educational you can work on number skills with your child by asking him to shoot “X” number of Pom Poms each time.  You can also work on color recognition with this activity by making 4 or 5 different color Pom Pom Shooters, and then ask your child to match the correct color Pom Pom with the correct color Pom Pom Shooter.