Spanish & English Puzzles: Learning Colors & Numbers

Spanish & English Puzzles: Learning Colors & Numbers


  • Each puzzle piece has 3 pieces: An English piece, a Spanish, and a supporting picture with no words.
  • 10 Puzzles for Colors
  • 20 Puzzles for Numbers 1-20
  • Digital PDF File


My oldest son started to become very interested in other languages when he was about 2 1/2 years old, so my husband and I thought it would be beneficial to him, mentally and socially, to learn another language.  We had read that it is easier to learn another language at a young age, so we started to introduce him to Spanish vocabulary and he picked up on it very quickly.  He soon began to ask us how to say many other things in Spanish.  Unfortunately, we are not fluent in Spanish and don't remember a lot from our Spanish classes in school so we have to look up a lot of the vocabulary he asks us for. 

Our younger son (19 months old) is starting to speak now, and he has picked up on the Spanish words we are teaching our oldest.  

I decided to create these puzzles to help others that are trying to teach their children Spanish or learning Spanish in school.