Guide to Teaching your Toddler Colors

Toddler Lesson Plans: Learning Colors

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Toddler Lesson Plans: Learning Colors is a collection of fun activities that will help your toddler learn colors.


★SAVE TIME – Forget scrolling through social media or blogs for ideas; now your plan for teaching colors is laid out for you.
LEARN THROUGH PLAY – A lesson plan sounds serious, but this is all about having fun with short educational activities.
GIVE YOUR CHILD A HEAD START – Your child will have a head start on learning with you teaching colors at home.


✅ 10 week Guide - a week dedicated to each color
✅ Includes a bonus week of activities
✅ Each week has 5 activities
✅ Provides a materials list and directions for each activity
✅ The book has 19 handouts that correlate with activities (download code for handouts included)


✅ Sure! Each activity takes about 10 minutes.
✅ A few minutes will be needed for you to round up the supplies (and your toddler!)
✅ If certain days are busy for you, schedule around them and only plan on teaching colors on 5 days in the week that work for you.
✅ Of course, there are days where things feel too hectic but just hang in there! We may feel too busy to teach colors but our toddlers aren't too busy to learn!


✅ YOU ARE RIGHT! A toddler needs to have fun! This book doesn't involve hours of structured time; just short fun activities
✅ ALWAYS OPTIONAL - Ask your toddler if they want to do an activity and feel free to postpone an activity anytime they want. The schedule can be spread out as long as needed; it's more important just to make sure they have fun learning and aren't forced to do it.


When did you realize you wanted to be an author?
If I’m honest, it never even crossed my mind as a child, teen, or even after college. It only started because I’m a bit of an over-organizer when it comes to planning. To help prepare my children for preschool I was planning out all the activities I wanted to do with them each week. My husband kindly pointed out that I was doing a lot of work and maybe this was something that could help other busy moms.
I just rolled my eyes the first time he said it! Eventually, we found a way to get the idea published, and here we are several years later.

Are lesson plans too serious for toddlers?
I am a former teacher, so the term “lesson plans” was used a lot throughout my teaching career. I became comfortable with that term, and didn’t consider that to some it might sound very serious. However, “lesson plans” is just a fancy, teacher word for guide. This book is just a guide for parents to do fun activities with their children. Parents can pick and choose what activities to do, what order to do the activities, and the appropriate time to do the activities.

What is a parenting topic that you are passionate about?
My husband and I are both very passionate about limiting screen time. We are not anti-technology, but we have read many articles about the negative side effects of tablet/iphone games and screens on young minds. We would rather our children run around the house, play a game, build a new invention, read a book, or cook with us in the kitchen.