Guide to Teaching your Toddler Colors

Toddler Lesson Plans: Learning Colors

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We all want our toddlers to learn and have fun – but what happens when a hectic life gets in the way?

You no longer have to waste time searching for age-appropriate activities. Now you can enjoy the ultimate collection of kid-tested fun that can be ready in minutes!

Autumn McKay, author of Toddler Lesson Plans: Learning ABC's, is a mother of 3 and understands the pressure to create fun activities that don’t take a lot of time to prepare. As a former schoolteacher, she has created Toddler Lesson Plans: Learning Colors with low-prep activities that are proven to spark a child’s interest in learning colors.

Toddler Lesson Plans: Learning Colors is an easy-to-follow and flexible 10 week guide to help your child learn their colors.


SAVE TIME – Forget scrolling through social media or blogs for ideas; now your plan for teaching colors is laid out for you.
LEARN THROUGH PLAY – A lesson plan sounds serious, but this is all about having fun with short educational activities.
GIVE YOUR CHILD A HEAD START – Your child will have a head start on learning with you teaching colors at home.


✅ 10 week Guide - a week dedicated to each color ➡ Bonus 11th Week Included
✅ Each week has 5 activities
✅ Provides a materials list and directions for each activity
✅ The book has 19 handouts that correlate with activities (download code for handouts included)


✅ Sure! Each activity takes about 10 minutes.
✅ A few minutes will be needed for you to round up the supplies (and your toddler!)
✅ If certain days are busy for you, schedule around them and only plan on teaching colors on 5 days in the week that work for you.
✅ Of course, there are days where things feel too hectic but just hang in there! We may feel too busy to teach colors but our toddlers just need a few minutes to learn something new!


✅ YOU ARE RIGHT! A toddler needs to have fun! This book doesn't involve hours of structured time; just short fun activities
✅ ALWAYS OPTIONAL - Ask your toddler if they want to do an activity and feel free to postpone an activity anytime they want. The schedule can be spread out as long as needed; it's more important just to make sure they have fun learning and aren't forced to do it.

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Hours of fun are waiting for you and your toddler! Save your sanity and purchase a copy today.

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