Activity-Drawing Letters in the Sand

Best Mom Writing Activity

Recommended Age:

2 ½ years and up

Materials Needed:

·         School pencil box

·         ABC flashcards

·         Sand


Put some decorative sand in the school pencil box, or you can use regular sand as well.  If you don’t have ABC flashcards, then you can make them by using a marker and index cards.  You will put one flashcard in the top of the pencil box so that your toddler can view it.  Then they will try to write that letter in the sand.

I helped guide my son’s finger in the sand with the first two letters.  Then he wanted to try it himself, so I tried to talk him through it by saying “go up, go down, or go across.”  He got through about 4 letters before he was more interested in playing in the sand, which was perfectly fine since this was our first time doing the activity.

You can also use this activity to help older children practice their sight words or spelling words.