Baby Registry Checklist

Best Mom Baby Registry Checklist


+ Nursery

Rocker/Glider-You will want a rocker or glider wherever baby is sleeping. It is much more comfortable than sitting on the floor during night time feedings.

Changing Pad Cover-I would register for 2 so that when one is being washed you have another to put on the changing pad. White is a good color choice, that way you can bleach it if your baby has a blow out.

Changing Pad-If you get the crib/changing table combo then it will come with a changing pad. If you are using something else as the changing table then you will need a changing pad.

Fitted Crib Sheet-I would get at least two fitted crib sheets maybe even three. I recommend white sheets that way you can bleach it if baby spits up or has a diaper malfunction.

Crib-This is totally your preference, but I like the crib/changing table combo.

Mattress-I was not aware that cribs did not come with mattresses until I started registering. Again this is your preference, but I got the mattress that can flip over to be a little softer once baby becomes a toddler.

Waterproof Mattress Cover-This is a must so you don’t have to replace the mattress if your baby’s diaper leaks.

Portable Bassinet Rock and Play or Pack and Play-All of my babies slept in the Rock and Play or Pack and Play right beside our bed for the first 2-3 months. The Rock and Play is nice because you can stick your hand out and rock baby if he gets fussy or needs you to put his paci back in his mouth. It also helped me to feel more comfortable the first month my babies were home because I could check their breathing. It’s also very easy to move around the house! If you prefer to get the Pack and Play, make sure it comes with the bassinet and changing table. If you travel to grandparents a lot or take your child to a nanny then I recommend getting a Pack and Play to keep at their house so that as baby grows they will still fit in the Pack and Play.

Pack and Play Sheet-You will need a Pack and Play sheet if you get a Pack and Play. I’d get 2 sheets just in case one gets dirty.

Diaper Pail-Diaper pails are a must have because your newborn will go through at least 8-10 diapers a day. This helps contain the smell so you don’t have to take the trash out as often as you would a regular trash can. We actually have two diaper pails--one on each floor.

Diaper Pail Refill Bags-You will need diaper pail refill bags for those many diapers you dispose of each day.

Humidifier-I recommend this if your baby is born during winter months or for when it is winter time. The heat in the house tends to dry baby’s skin out so it’s good to have a humidifier close to them as they sleep.

Night Light-This is so you can see what you are doing during night time feedings without having to turn on the room light.

Baby Monitor-If you plan to have baby sleep in your room for a while, then I would just get the audio baby monitor for when baby moves to their room.

Receiving Blanket-You will want something soft to swaddle and snuggle baby in. I would get between 6-8 blankets. Although, you will get many blankets as gifts!

Hangers-You will have so many clothes for baby so I would recommend getting 50+ hangers. I decided to forego a dresser and just hang my children's clothes so we needed a ton of hangers. Don’t forget to get pant/short hangers too.

Size it Closet Organizer-These organizers help you to keep all of the same size clothes grouped together so you know what baby can wear at the time.

Clothes- Most people will get you whatever clothes they think are cute, but they will at least check the sizes on your registry so I would register for a couple newborn outfits but a majority for your clothes should be 3 months and older. My first son could never fit in a newborn outfit, my second only wore newborn outfits for two weeks, and my third only wore a newborn outfit home from the hospital.

Diaper Caddy or Basket-If you have a 2-story house I recommend getting a diaper caddy for the main level so that you do not have to run upstairs for every diaper change. I use my diaper caddy station more than I use the changing table in my children's room.

Baby Caps-You will only need baby beanies if baby is born in the winter months and doesn’t have much hair. Sometimes they have a hard time keeping their body temperature up, so having a beanie on helps the heat from escaping.

Baby Swaddlers-My children never liked being swaddled, but I know my nephews sleep best when they are swaddled. So the safest way to swaddle is the SwaddleMe wraps.

+ On the Go

Car seat- We had a Chicco Infant Car Carrier for my first son, and then we used a Peg Perego for my second son and daughter. They are both great car seats, but I prefer the Chicco. I felt like my son fit better in the Chicco Infant Carrier than the Peg Perego when they were first born. Even with all the extra inserts I still needed to roll up a blanket around his head and legs, until he was about 12 pounds, to make him fit in the Peg Perego better. Whatever car seat you buy, I recommend buying two car seat bases if baby will be riding in both mom and dad’s car.

Car Seat Mat for Car -This is good to have so that your car seats don’t get messed up from the infant carriers sitting on them. If you will have the car seat in mom and dad’s car, then I would buy two.

Stroller-Sometimes you can register for the stroller/car seat combo so that you can put the car seat straight in the stroller when baby is little bitty, but you can also use the stroller as a regular stroller when baby is older.

Baby Bottle Cooler-This for when you need to take a bottle on the go. It helps keep the milk cold/hot.

Diaper Bag-I love my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag because it has a lot of compartments to help keep everything organized in the diaper bag. It also has a fold up changing pad attached to the diaper bag so you don’t have to worry about a place to change your baby. The diaper bag can be worn as a book bag or carried on one shoulder.

Travel Changing Pad-If your diaper bag does not come with a changing pad you will want a travel changing pad so you don’t have to lay baby on those hard, dirty changing pads in public bathrooms.

+ Feeding & Nursing

Pacifiers-My recommendation is buying a lot of different kinds because you don’t know what kind baby will like or if baby will even like pacis. My little boys preferred the Nuk brand.

Bibs-You can never have too many bibs! From about 3 months until they get their first tooth babies will drool constantly! It’s also great for when they start solid foods because babies tend to wear more of their food than they eat.

Bottles-I just got the 5oz Medela bottles because that’s the brand of breast pump I used so some bottles came with the pump, and then I just got an extra 3-pack since my goal was to nurse. Sometimes bottles are something you have to purchase after baby is born because they might have reflux, colic, or not like the nipple.

Slow Flow and Fast Flow Nipples-You will need some slow flow and fast flow bottle nipples. The slow flow nipples are for when baby is 0-4 months old, and they usually come with the bottle set. The fast flow nipples are for 4+ months old.

Breast Pump-Most of the time you can get a free breast pump from insurance, but if you need a recommendation on one I would go with the Medela In Style Advanced Breast Pump.

Breastmilk Storage Bags-If you plan to breast feed you will need milk storage bags. This way you can pump and freeze it for later. Trust me, when your milk starts coming in you will want to pump and freeze that treasure to help relieve the pressure. The Lansinoh storage bags are my favorite, although the Medela storage bags you can attach to the pump so you don’t have to dirty a bottle.

Nursing Pads-If you are breast feeding you will most definitely need nursing pads. They have single use or washable pads. I use washable because it saves money.

Boppy- This is the pillow you can put underneath you while you nurse baby. This is not a must have because you can use a regular pillow to prop under baby, but if you would like to have a boppy they are nice since they wrap around you a little better than a regular pillow. Even though baby is little they do get heavy.

Nursing Cover-You might feel more comfortable when nursing baby in public if you have a nursing cover. My little girl refused bottles of all kind while she was nursing so the nursing cover came in handy when it was time for her to eat and we were out and about.

Burp Cloths-Baby will spit up, so you will want to have some burp clothes handy. I would get about 6-8.

Bottle Brush-This helps you wash the bottles and pump accessories. I don’t hand wash all the time, but sometimes it’s just easier to hand wash.

Dishwasher Basket-This basket will help contain all the little baby bottle and pump parts so they don’t get thrown around the dishwasher.

Bottle Drying Rack-The drying rack will help the items air dry after being washed.

+ Bath Time and Baby Care

Baby Soap and Lotion-I found that Aveeno baby lotion and soap work best especially if baby is prone to eczema or dry skin. I also like the Eucerin wash and lotion. It's a little cheaper than Aveeno. They both help with dry skin and cradle cap. (A lot of babies get cradle cap (dry head) and baby acne).

Scratch Mittens-Unless you are brave enough to trim or bite baby’s fingernails then they will need to wear these little mittens to prevent scratching their face.

Thermometer-Unfortunately, your little one will get the occasional cold so you will want to have a thermometer to monitor their temperature. We just have the typical under the arm thermometer, but it’s hard to keep a baby still enough to get an accurate temperature that way so I would much rather have the forehead and ear thermometer.

Diaper Cream-My favorite is the Destin Maximum Strength. It seems to knock out any sign of diaper rash in one or two applications.

Nasal Aspirator-You will want a nasal aspirator for when baby has a cold and you need to suction out the boogers. I’ve used the bulb aspirator and the Nose Frida. Both work great, but I seemed to have more success clearing out boogers with the Nose Frida.

Finger Nail Clippers-I just filed my sons’ finger nails for the first month because I was scared to cut them. It’s best to cut them when they are sleeping so they don’t move their hands.

Infant Tub-I would make sure the tub comes with the infant net so that baby can lie down as you wash them. When baby can support themselves a little better you can take the net out and use the slanted seat or have baby sit up on the other side of the tub.

Hooded Towels-The hooded towels will help keep baby’s head warm as you get them out of the tub. You will want 3-5 towels.

Wash Cloths-You will want about 6-8 wash cloths. I put one warm wash cloth on my boys’ bellies as bathe them; it helps them feel secure.

All-Free and Clear Detergent-Baby’s skin is sensitive so you need to wash all blankets, burp clothes and at least a couple outfits from the newborn and 3 month sizes prior to them arriving.

Lingerie Wash Bag-This wash bag is a big help when washing tiny socks and baby items. It helps you from losing any of baby’s socks as you wash them. It’s also great for washing nursing pads and nursing bras.

Diapers-I would register for newborn, size 1, and size 2 diapers. Most babies skip the newborn size and wear the size 1 diapers, but it’s always good to have one small pack of newborn diapers. When my boys were newborns I liked the Pampers Swaddlers diapers mainly for the pee line—it turns blue when they use the bathroom, so it helped me see when they needed a diaper change. But when they moved to size 2 diapers I preferred the Huggies Snug and Dry diapers.

Wipes-You will need a lot of wipes, but people tend to get you wipes even if they aren't on your registry. My favorite is Pampers wipes. I'm not opposed to other wipes and never turn down free wipes, but Pampers are just my favorite.

+ Toys

Teether-Usually from 3 months on baby will begin to put everything in their mouth, so a teether is nice to have. You probably want a couple of different options.

Bouncy Seat-This isn’t a must have, but a fun seat for your baby to play in. My boys loved to bounce themselves.

Activity Gym Mat-This isn’t a must have, but it does give baby a different play area. It gives them something to play with while they are on their back and when they are having tummy time.

Baby Swing-This is not a must have, but it’s nice to be able to let baby play somewhere else. Some babies love a swing, but neither of mine really cared for it.

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