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Best Mom Infant and Toddler Books

Books are always fun to read with your child!  Board books are good for younger children.  It allows your child to be able to turn the pages themselves, and makes it a little harder for them to tear out the pages.  There are so many good books out there to read, these are just a few that my boys love!  

Animals – This book is great because it is a touch and feel book! 

Baby Says Peekaboo – This a fun book where your child can play peekaboo with other babies.

Curious George’s ABCs – This book is a great way to practice letter recognition with your child!

Dr. Seuss’s ABC – This book is a fun way to learn ABC’s and the sounds the letters make.

Easter Bunny – This is a fun rhyming, touch and feel book.  It doesn’t actually have to do with Easter.

Eric Carle’s ABC – This book is a colorful flip book of the ABC’s.  You can practice tracing the letters with your child as you read.

Eyes & Nose, Fingers & Toes – This is a fun rhyming book that helps teach body parts.

Farm – This is a great touch and feel book to learn what is on a farm.

Goodnight Moon – This book is a classic.  It helps calmness of the book helps to prepare your child for bed.

Guess How Much I Love You – This is a very sweet story to show how much you love your little one!

I Love You Through and Through – This book is a good book to help teach your child about emotions.

Kiss, Kiss Good Night – This is a very soothing book for you to read as your child falls asleep.

Little Blue Truck – This is a great book for little boys that love trucks.  It helps children with animal recognition.  It also teaches children to be friendly!

Llama Llama Nighty-Night – This is a great book that teaches children the steps for getting ready for bed.

Pat the Bunny – This is a fun touch and feel book that lets your child copy the boy and girl in the book.