Activity - Grocery Store Alphabet Hunt

Best Mom Letter Game

Recommended Age:

2 years and up ( or as soon as they know their letters)

Materials Needed:

·         Piece of paper

·         Clipboard

·         Pen/Pencil/Crayon


On a piece of paper, write out the alphabet.  You can write all uppercase letters or uppercase and lowercase letters, depending on what your child is familiar with.  Make sure that the letters are spaced out.  Place the paper on a clipboard.  Explain to your child that they will be looking for letters as you shop.  Tell them that when they find a letter they can color it, cross it off, or circle it.  If your child is young, it might be a good idea to guide them to the letters as you shop.  For example, when you see the bananas tell them what bananas starts with and look for the sign together.  It’s never too early to sound out the letter together when your child finds it.