What Supplies do I Need for Activity Time?

We have talked about why it’s important to have activity time with your preschooler (CLICK HERE) and how to get started with activity time (CLICK HERE). Now I’m going to take you on a tour through our “Learning Room” to show you what activity supplies are essential to keep at home and what supplies are just fun to have around.

We have a spare bedroom on the main floor of our house that was useless as a guest room, so I decided to make it functional and turned it into a fun school room. We call it our Learning Room. Here is a picture.

BestMomIdeas-Supplies for Activity Time.jpg

Must Have Activity Supplies:

Crayons Pencils-For little hands, I like the fat pencils.

Construction Paper Preschool Scissors

Glue-I prefer glue sticks for less mess. Washable Paint

Paintbrushes Paper Plates

Pipe Cleaners Index Cards

Stickers Beads

Children’s Books-Any and all kinds! You can never have enough children’s books!


Just for Fun Activity Supplies:

Markers/Colored Pencils Do-a-Dot Markers

Laminator Laminator Pouches

Dry Erase Markers Craft Sticks

Pom Poms Activity Table

Unifix Cubes Painter’s Tape


The “Must Have” supplies are supplies that I use pretty consistently each week. They are handy to have at home that way you don’t have to make a trip to the store each time you want to do an activity with your little one. The “Just for Fun” supplies are just fun supplies that we enjoy using from time to time, but aren’t necessary to have all the time.

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