Vitamix Blender

Best Mom Blender

I'm nominating the Vitamix Blender as a Best Mom idea for the kitchen.

Why the Vitamix Blender?

This is probably one of my most used purchases in our home!  We use it every single night to make a smoothie after dinner.  I usually throw in some veggies to make sure we are getting our recommended daily portion (don't tell my hubby or boys though :) )!  I have also used it to make baby food for both of my boys.  It blends it up very smooth.  I have even used the Vitamix Blender to make ice cream and salsa.


I have the C-Series 5200 Vitamix Blender which costs about $450, and includes a seven year warranty.  It has a 4.7 star rating on Amazon.  If you are looking for something a little nicer, the Vitmaix Blender G-Series offers a touchscreen control panel, illuminated controls, and it also fits underneath most overhead cabinets. 

The Ninja Professional Blender is a close competitor with the Vitamix Blender.  I do not have any experience with the Ninja, but I do notice that it also seems to be a popular choice.  The Ninja advertised 1100 Watts of power which is about 1.5 horsepower, whereas the Vitamix Blender has 2.2 horsepower.  The biggest difference I can see is that the Ninja has a one year warrany while the Vitamix has a seven year warranty.

Is the Vitamix Blender worth the money?

I think if you plan to use it half as much as we do, then it is well worth the money!  I'm able to make sure my family gets the recommended daily portions of fruits and veggies everyday to make sure we are all happy and healthy!  I'm also able to prepare baby food using the Vitamix Blender, which saves us money by not having to purchase individual baby food packages. 


The Vitamix Blender allows you to provide your family with tasty, healthy treats.  It can also be used to make baby food and other goodies.

For more pictures and reviews, you can view this item on Amazon.

2018 Update (6 years later)

I wanted to update everyone on our Vitamix Blender after we have used it for six years. I still love it and use it every evening! After six years of use the seal at the bottom of the blending pitcher had broken and was leaking oil so I contacted Vitamix. Vitamix was very helpful and sent a new blending pitcher in a timely manner at no charge to us since we were still in the seven year warranty time frame. Below are a few pictures of the old Vitamix Blender pitcher with the broken seal and the new pitcher.