BestMomIdeas Super Moms Community


Are you a Super Mom?

A mom is a woman that takes on the selfless responsibility to care for the emotional and physical well-being of her children. And any mom who manages to do that successfully (for the most part) among the chaos of running a household and possibly juggling a career is by any means a SUPER MOM!

Whether you wear your Super Mom badge proudly or want to beef up your mothering skills I want to invite you to join an exclusive community full of other Super Moms that recognize when they need help, are loving yet firm, work on their marriage, exercise understanding, and cultivate friendships with other moms.

Being a part of the Super Moms Community is all about fun, a place to enjoy other moms company, support each other and learn a few more super mom tricks!

I’m looking for Super Moms who want to help other moms revolutionize activity time with their precious toddlers and preschoolers. Sometimes, the hardest part of teaching your children is knowing where to find the best resources. Super Moms is a special group who want to help me spread the word about my resources for teaching children and helping them grow.

Here are the benefits of joining the BestMomIdeas Super Moms Community:

  • Exclusive access to me and other awesome moms

  • Bonus activities

  • Freebies

  • Early access to new books or products

You’re a perfect fit for the BestMomIdeas Super Moms Community if you are willing to:

  • Share with me your favorite preschool activities from my books

  • Write reviews of my books on Amazon

  • Post a picture of my book covers on your social media pages

  • Post a picture or video of your child doing an activity from my books on FB or IG and tagging my book

  • Share and repost information that I post on FB or IG to your own personal pages

  • Buy a copy of one of my books for another mom

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Please be sure to review the rules of the group.