Alphabet and Number Play Mat

Best Mom Play Mat

I'm nominating the Kids Puzzle Alphabet and Numbers Play Mat as a Best Mom idea for the baby.

Why the Play Mat?

Our downstairs is all hardwood, so when our first son started sitting up I was worried about him falling backwards and hitting his head on the hard floor.  I was also concerned about his poor knees when he started crawling, so I looked into getting the play mat.  I got it mainly because it was so large; I knew it would give him a good play area.  As he has gotten older the Play Mat has become more of a learning tool.  He has learned all of his letters and numbers, and I think being able to view them on the Play Mat daily has contributed to him learning them so quickly.


The Kids Puzzle Alphabet and Numbers Play Mat costs $30 on Amazon.  It has a 4.2 star rating with over 350 reviews.  You should also consider making a baby registry with Amazon, and then you might be able to get the Play Mat as a gift!

Is the Play Mat worth the money?

I think if you have hard floors the Play Mat is worth purchasing.  I can’t count how many times both of my boys have fallen over as they are learning to sit by themselves.  This Play Mat provides a cushion for your little one’s head.  It also provides a nice soft place for them to learn to crawl.  As an added bonus, you can help your child learn their letters and numbers using the Play Mat.

Our Play Mat has gone through two boys and a cat and is still going strong!  It does have a few teeth marks from our cat—not exactly sure why he enjoys biting it.  It is easy to assemble and easy to clean up any messes.


The Kids Puzzle Alphabet and Numbers Play Mat provides a soft play area for your child to play.  It can also be used as a learning tool as your child grows.

The Kids puzzle and a bunch of other options can be viewed over at Amazon.

Baby, ToddlerAutumn McKay