Guide to Teaching your Toddler ABC's

Toddler Lesson Plans: Learning ABC's

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Toddler Lesson Plans: Learning ABCs is a collection of fun activities that will help you teach ABCs to your toddler.

Why this book?

★HAVE A GUIDE – Forget scrolling through social media or blogs for ideas; now your plan for teaching ABCs is laid out for you!
★LEARN THROUGH PLAY - a lesson plan sounds serious, but this is all about having fun with short educational activities.
★BE CONSISTENT – With a guide to keep you on track, you won’t have to worry about neglecting any of those pesky not so popular letters.
★GIVE YOUR CHILD A HEAD START – Your child will have a head start on learning ABCS with you teaching.

What is in the book?

✅ 26 Week Guide - a week dedicated to each letter
✅ Each week has 5 activities
✅ Each activity has a materials list and detailed directions
✅ Each week also has an alternate activity
✅ The book has 53 handouts that correlate with specific ABC activities
✅ Link included to print colored Appendix pages for a physical or Kindle book

Can a busy mom follow this lesson plan?

✅ Sure! Each activity takes about 10 minutes.
✅ A few minutes will be needed for you to round up the supplies (and your toddler!)
✅ If certain days are busy for you, schedule around them and only plan on teaching abcs on 5 days in the week that work for you.
✅ Of course, there are days where things feel too hectic but just hang in there! We may feel too busy to teach ABCs but our toddlers aren't too busy to learn!

But a lesson plan sounds too serious

✅ YOU ARE RIGHT! A toddler needs to have fun! But this doesn't involve hours of structured time for your toddler, each activity is designed to be fun!
✅ ALWAYS OPTIONAL- We recommend to ask your toddler if they want to do an activity that day. If they say no, just postpone that activity until the next day. The schedule can be spread out as long as needed; the key is to make sure your toddler wants to participate so they start to enjoy learning about new things.


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