The Little Engineer Coloring Book: Space & Rockets

Physical book on Amazon. PDF available here.


Do your kids love Space and awesome Rockets? Do they want to know how space travel works?

This book has you covered from Satellites to Modern Re-usable Rockets. The coloring book covers the different ways we learn about space, how astronauts landed on the moon, modern rockets and the future of space travel.

Why this Coloring Book?

  • INCREDIBLE QUALITY & DETAIL – Amazing images with excellent detail. Click the "Look Inside" feature on left to see for yourself!
  • SCREEN FREE TIME – We can help keep your child off the tablet, we hope to capture and keep your child’s attention since this book is more interesting than a typical coloring book.
  • STEM HEAD START – This is a great head start for many science topics as it will help your child understand that large complex items are made up of several smaller simple items.

Free Digital Download

Enjoy the coloring book more than once! A code to a digital PDF is included so the book can be printed out whenever your child is ready to do it again.

Book Specifications:

  • Page Size: 8.5”x11”
  • Images: 50 Images with description
  • Page Count: 58 (Includes "Grown up" Intro, an Intro for kids, Digital Download code page, etc.)


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