Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner

Best Mom Carpet Cleaner

I'm nominating the Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Full-Size Carpet Cleaner as a Best Mom idea for the household.

Why the Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

We have lived in our house for a little over two years so I thought it was time for us to do a thorough cleaning of our carpets.  I looked into hiring a service for a one time cleaning, and then I looked into buying a carpet cleaner.  In our area, it was actually cheaper to buy a carpet cleaner and clean the carpets ourselves.  I was shocked at how much pet hair and dirt and grime was in our carpets after just two years.  The Bissell Carpet Cleaner did so well on the carpet that I cleaned everything I could like our couches and cars.  It was so gross to see what we were living in, but it felt like a new home after I cleaned everything.


The Bissell Carpet Cleaner costs $199 on Amazon.  It has a 4.1 star rating with over 400 reviews.  I’m sure there are other great carpet cleaners out there, but this is the only one I have experience with and it worked wonders.

Is the Bissell Carpet Cleaner worth the money?

I believe it was worth the money because I now have the ability to clean the carpets whenever they start looking dirtier than normal.  For us, it was cheaper to purchase a Carpet Cleaner instead of hiring a professional to come out to clean the carpets.  I believe the Bissell Carpet Cleaner cleans as well as a professional model and is very easy to use. I do have one big caveat about this item being worth the money; I think it would be a good item to share with someone in your family or a close friend.  I only plan to use this twice a year so right now my mom is borrowing it and I think another family member after that. I'm not a fan of joint purchases with friends or family so maybe just have your friend bring over some steaks for a grill out if they borrow your carpet cleaner.


The Bissell Carpet Cleaner will amaze you as it cleans up everything from your carpets.  It is very easy to use and lightweight.

For more info or to check out comparable models, take a look over at Amazon.

HouseholdAutumn McKay