The Little Engineer Coloring Book: Cars and Trucks [PDF]

The Little Engineer Coloring Book: Cars and Trucks [PDF]

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The Little Engineer Coloring Book: Cars and Trucks is a coloring book that shows many details of a car and how they work. By combining technical topics with coloring, the goal of the book is to introduce children to fun but challenging topics to help spark their interest in learning more. Of course, the most important goal is to just have fun!

Why this Coloring Book?

  • LEARN THROUGH COLORING – Introduce your child to new and interesting topics as they enjoy coloring.

  • NOT AN ENGINEER YOURSELF? No Problem! Let this book handle the technical details like where is the differential or what does a piston do.

  • SCREEN FREE TIME – We can help keep your child off the tablet, we hope to capture and keep your child’s attention with this book being more interesting than a standard coloring book.

  • STEM HEAD START – This is a great head start for many science topics as it will help your child understand that large complex items are made up of several smaller simple items.

Best Age for Book

There really isn’t a perfect age. Young children will just enjoy coloring the cars and trucks while older kids will be able to read and understand the content.

  • Toddlers & Preschoolers - Coloring only and words will need to be read to them

  • Elementary – Coloring and reading text

  • Middle School – Will enjoy the more technical pages and can comprehend concepts better

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