15 Father's Day Gift Ideas

The Best Mom Gift Guide for Dad


Kore Essentials offers a great, high quality belt for men. You can find dress belts, casual belts, gun belts, and holeless belts. My husband has really enjoyed his ratcheting belt with no holes.

This is a great magazine for your DIYer and has a lot of good advice and usually a few projects per magazine for you to try. |  $15 for a 2 year subscription.

Portable charger for phone or tablet.  This can provide 3 full charges for the Iphone or Galaxy S8. Great for dads on the go. |
$29 at Amazon.

It's true that dads still play video games! Xbox requires a membership to play online. | $60 for 12 Month Subscription

Truck bed light kit is a fairly recent product, but one that is great for lighting up your bed at night and especially useful if you have a bed cover.  Fair warning, this is a bit of a DIY project since dad will have to wire the lights to the battery and add a switch. | $35 on Amazon and they have a switch you can add if you want. 

Targets for your hunter to practice.  The indoor range usually charges $1 per sheet so you can save money by bringing your own.  If you purchase another set, be sure to pay attention to the size of the target.  This is a 17" x 25" target that includes 50 sheets. | $14 on Amazon

Give dad something cool to show off next time he plays golf with his friends. This will also help him know which ball is his.  | $29 at Amazon.

A hatchet for your outdoors man or Walking Dead fan! | $25 on Amazon

Pre-workout powder for your gym and weightlifting dads. If you are not familiar with this stuff, it's a scoop of powder to mix with water before a workout to get amped up.  My husband uses this stuff every workout; he says it helps him get going after a long work day. | $40 for 60 servings | This price is cheaper than the popular bodybuilding.com

My husband wanted ratcheting wrenches for years and finally got some recently as the price has dropped to a more reasonable level. They are great for working on cars or other tight spaces.  If you aren't familiar with them, they allow you to leave the wrench on the bolt while you remove the bolt instead of taking off the wrench every turn. Craftsman has a pretty well known lifetime warranty as well. | $76 at Amazon.

There are cheaper flashlights than this but not better. I actually bought this as a Christmas present last year for my dad, and he loves it.  It comes with a wall mount charger so you can mount this thing in a closet or utility room and grab it when you need it.  LED rechargeable flashlight with 499 reviews at 4.8 stars. | $102 with one charging station

Wireless bluetooth headphones for working with your hands while on the phone. These seem to be the most popular for working out with music, but also comes in handy when you want to listen to something while doing yard work.  Like most headphones now, it also has a mic for talking on the phone. | $26 on Amazon or $100 on Amazon or $250 on Amazon

Seems like I can't go 2 weeks without hearing how great these things are.  I personally haven't tried one yet, but they are all the rage and a popular gift. Yeti cups are known to hold ice in them for over 24 hours, and there are plenty of online reviews to prove it. | $35 for 30oz cup

We have had this exact drill for 6-7 years now, and it still works great. It is true that it is an older model, but that is also why it is more affordable. I tried to stay creative on this list and a drill is not very creative, but you should have at least one drill in your house and this is a good one to have. | $99 on Amazon for drill, two batteries, and charger

This has got to be the coolest item on this list, it is a fish finder device with app to display on your phone or tablet.  I wanted to have an item for our fisherman dads and this doesn't disappoint.  4 star rating. | $210 on Amazon

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