Rock 'n Play Sleeper

Best Mom Rocking Sleeper

I'm nominating the Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper as a Best Mom idea for first time moms.

Why the Rock 'n Play Sleeper?

I remember the first night we brought our first born home from the hospital, I was a nervous wreck.  I had initially put him in the pack and play that we had in our room, but when I went to get him for his nightly feeding I noticed he had spit up.  I was so worried about him choking if he did it again, so I placed him in the Rock 'n Play and placed it right next to our bed.  The Rock 'n Play is a great sleeper for 0-3 months babies.  You can keep it by the bed and help soothe the baby if needed without getting up to go to a crib.  It also can go anywhere so it can be your baby's sleeper if you have to travel or can easily move between rooms.  Many cribs now don't fit through the door once assembled so this is a great option if you want your baby in your bedroom for a few months before moving to the crib. It helped my son sleep better which helped me to sleep better, and every new mom needs sleep!


The Fisher Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper ranges from $42-114 on Amazon depending on the style you choose.  Every Rock 'n Play has at least a 4 star ratings, some even have a 5 star rating.  I just went with the very basic Rock 'n Play and it worked great for my boys.  They also have Rock 'n Plays that vibrate, rocks the baby, or plays songs and sound effects.

Is the Rock 'n Play worth the money?

The Rock 'n Play is definitely worth the money!  The Sleeper is portable, soit can go in different rooms or travel with you.  It's well worth the investment if you plan to have more than one child too!

You should also consider making a baby registry with Amazon, then you might be able to get the Rock 'n Play as a gift!


Having the Rock 'n Play helps relieve some new mom anxiety.  Your new bundle of joy is snuggled close to you, and you can check on your little one anytime you need!

There are a bunch of different options to look through, but they all function the same.  For more examples and details, check out the baby sleeper at Amazon.

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