Limitless Learners Contest with

Do you have a student in or entering Kindergarten-5th grade for the 2019-2020 year?

Would you like the opportunity for your student(s) to win $500 for college plus $1000 for their school or library? is hosting a contest now through October 31, 2019!

Six students will be winners! They will win:

  • $500 for college

  • $1000 donation to their school or library

  • Premium lifetime membership to for their educator or parent

Rules for the contest:

  • Complete a consent form signed by parent or legal guardian

  • Respond to the following prompt: Describe a time you were having so much fun, you didn’t realize you were learning something new!

    • Kindergarten students-Create a piece of art and write (or ask an adult to write) about what is happening

    • 1st graders-Create a piece of art, and write 1-3 sentences about it

    • 2nd graders-Write a short story (5-8 sentences) and create at least one picture

    • 3rd graders-Write a short story, journal entry, or comic strip

    • 4th graders-Write a short story, journal entry, poem, or comic strip

    • 5th graders-Write a personal narrative, short story, poem or comic strip

See rules, contest details, and submission details by visiting the Contest page.

Best of Luck to you and your student!

Autumn McKayComment